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Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!2005 and ACT!2006 by Sage Create calculations involving ACT! fields. Assign calculation formula to field (make a field "calculated"). Run your calculations either automatically or manually. Use "if" and "case" statements to bu
Size: 500K
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field formula calculation YV12 field matcher  
Internet Privacy / Online Privacy Did you know that all your surfing history is being recorded in secret hidden files on your PC.?. Every website, files, movies, clips, documents, and anything else you viewed on your PC is recorded in
Size: 836K
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protect privacy privacy privacy protector privacy gyard  
c-Privacy manages privacy and popups Privacy software, cleans user tracks and popups
Size: 3.27MB
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jar software free cell phone  
Privacy Eraser Upgrade to Privacy Eraser Pro Privacy Eraser Pro is an internet eraser that protects your privacy by permanently erase Internet history and past computer...
Size: 1000 KB
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eraser File Eraser permanent file eraser SPAM Eraser  
Privacy Eraser Upgrade to Privacy Eraser... Erase Internet History & Protect Internet Pri
Size: -
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erase internet trace internet erase protect internet  
Act! Get instant access to every contact detail to better manage
Size: 159.16MB
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microsoft publisher viewer mobile softwer pic monkey photo  

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IT-Export for ACT Exports realy everything from ACT!5, ACT!2000, ACT!6 and ACT2004 into Excelfiles
Size: Evaluation
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Outlook to ACT ACT recover ACT password ACT synchronizer  
Act History and PopUp Killer If protecting your Internet privacy is a priority, Act History and Pop-Up Killer and Web Content Filter does an outstanding job of wiping surfing history from ...
Size: 1757
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internet history Internet History file parser  
PrivacyShredder Evidence Eliminator Privacy Protector is the leading privacy protection software. By shredding unwanted and unneeded files and erasing your computer footprints, Privacy Protector makes sure that your privacy is never com
Size: 3594K
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protect privacy privacy Password protector  
ACT To Outlook Professional ACT!-To-Outlook Professional 6.0 ACT!-To-Outlook Professional is safest, quickest, and smartest solution to keep your ACT!...
Size: 8.07 MB
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Outlook to ACT ACT ACT synchronizer ACT add-on ACT Routine  
ACTMate Excel Importer for ACT! 2006 ACTMate ImporterACTMate Importer for ACT!OverviewEasily import Excel data into ACT...
Size: 1000 KB
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importer data importer image importer library importer  
Advanced ACT Password Recovery recover or replace forgotten passwords
Size: 553 KB
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recovery password password recovery Symantec Outlook to ACT  

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1-ACT Evidence Remover 2006 1-ACT Evidence Remover 2006 is a useful tool that will protect your privacy by clearing your activity history on your PC. As you normally browse through various websites, send emails and chat your act...
Size: 1.24MB
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Remove Remover privacy protector activity history  
-ACT AntiKeylogger 2006 Here is the official description for 1-ACT AntiKeylogger 2006: 1-ACT AntiKeylogger 2006 can protect your privacy and others you don not want somebody know.Spayware can not steal your information.It i...
Size: 1.16MB
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dwg 2 jtf quick compose sms facebook chat 6600  
Import IT Pro (Unlimited) [b]Import IT for act! [/b]The fast, easy, and accurate way to import and merge data into ACT! [b]Import IT[/b] for ACT! makes importing and managing contact lists in ACT! a breeze. While ACT! has long...
Size: 0 KB
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import CIF import import to oppenoffice openoffice import  
1-ACT Evidence Remover Protecting your privacy on the Internet is a serious matter. 1-ACT Evidence Remover 2006 is here to clean up.
Size: 1.24MB
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activity history Variable clearing clearing  
Crystal Clear Reports Crystal Clear Reports will add 40 Crystal Reports modules to the reports menu on your act! database. These reports run on the currently open ACT! database and include optional parameter selection. Ver...
Size: 29.93MB
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reports run freeform database database reports  
ACT-CSV Converter ACT-CSV Converter lets you convert information between ACT! by Sage and CSV (comma separated value) files. ACT-CSV Converter works with ACT! Contacts and ACT! Calendar information. You may convert the...
Size: 1.1 MB
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